The BRAIN V1.2
  • The BRAIN V1.2
  • The BRAIN V1.2

The BRAIN V1.2


8 button and one Calibre on one board


This small board have 8 colored buttons, a Calibre card and a 12-pin plug.

It can be easily integrated into your virtual pinball machine, and it allows you to assign the 8 buttons which allow the management of the Roms and the pincab (Door, exit, -, +, enter, Night mode, Volume + and Volume -).The Calibre part allows you by means of a 9th button and its LED to calibrate your Plunger without having to launch any software or other.

It have 2 JST 6 pin connector to easy connection for Dude's Cab

It can be fixed flat on the bottom of your machine, or on the door using brackets.

The socket is located below the card for aesthetic reasons.

You can use this board as a simple 8 button board for other functions in your Pincab (you just have to assign each button to the desired function) or even under any other type of assembly.


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