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Dude's Cab V1
  • Dude's Cab V1
  • Dude's Cab V1
  • Dude's Cab V1
  • Dude's Cab V1

Dude's Cab V1


Dude's Cab V1.


Dude's Cab is a new card allowing you to fully exploit a Virtual Pinball Machine (Pincab).

It is currently the most advanced solution on the market.


  • Board based on an overclocked Raspberry RP040 microcontroller.
  • USB-C Plug
  • System fully compatible with Direct Output Framework (DOF) and DOFLINX.
  • 32 button inputs including 5 with ultra-low latency.
  • Built-in ultra-precise accelerometer.
  • up to 128 DOF outputs with expansion board system.
  • Input for plunger.
  • Easy cable system with JST-PH cables.
  • Flipper, magna and fire buttons Latency at 0.73 ms and 1.62ms for the others (KL25: 9.8ms; Zero Delay Encoder: 14ms)
  • Very easy dedicated software to gonfigure.
  • All outputs can be limited directly or with delay (Flipper and chime logic).
  • NightMode to mute noisy toys on the fly.
  • Configurable dead zone on accelerometer and plunger.
  • Virtual TILT button on accelerometer and 2 configurable virtual buttons on the Plunger.

Board is 10.5 x 13.5 cm size including plug

Full documentation is available HERE and PDF HERE

The configurator is available HERE

Review from Major Frenchy


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