What is a Teencab?

The TennCab is a small shield that allows you to properly connect a TEENSY 3.1, 3.2 or 4.0 in a pincab in order to manage the addressable LEDs.

1 small 8-pin socket to connect the signal lines, a small socket to connect the 5V power supply.

The TEST button will allow you to launch a Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow White sequence on your LEDs, in order to check their operation (for this your Teensy must be flashed with the firmware available on the Arnoz Tiny Tool )


In order to avoid burning the TEENSY by forgetting to connect the power supply for the LEDs, I advise you NOT to wire the + 5V which arrives at the TEENCAB !!! The GND cable must be wired correctly!


We will always connect the 5V power supply to the LEDs before turning the LEDs on!

Each terminal block corresponds to the silkscreened signal line.

The TEENSY must have the pins welded down!

The TEENSY clips onto the board using Dupont connectors.

Here is how the Teensy should be cabled with its Voltboards

This is an example, use the outputs in order, if you only have sides for example, connect them to the first outputs !!!!

This is an EXAMPLE !!!!

If you need to program your Teensy, here are my Arnoz Tiny Tool

To create the cabinet.xml file also use my Arnoz Tiny Tool

If you prefer French moving images, look through the …


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