Master of Mosfets V6
  • Master of Mosfets V6
  • Master of Mosfets V6
  • Master of Mosfets V6
  • Master of Mosfets V6
  • Master of Mosfets V6

Master of Mosfets V6


Each card adds 16 PWM outputs with mosfet, test LED and fuse holder to one kl25z. The cards can be connected one after the other.


Here is the new version of the 16 PWM mosfet extension!

Equivalent to 1 MOLLUSK + 2 MOS8 (except that one drive 5Amps per output, all on a single 20 cm by 12 cm PCB.

This card connects to a kl25z. 

It uses 5 outputs (including a pwm) as well as the 5v and the GND of a kl25z. 

From there, you will have 16 additional pwm (modular) outputs, each with opto-electronic protection to properly separate the kl from the toy power supplies, an over-sized mosfet and a 5 * 20 fuse holder. Each output receives an intensity of 8 amperes, the simultaneous consumption is limited to 40 amperes. 

You can control toys from 0 to 48 Volts with the same card. 

You can connect several expansion cards one after the other without consuming new outputs on your kl25z. 

To put it simply, at the price of 5 outputs on the kl25z, you can add as many PWM outputs as you want! (nevertheless, I recommend not to exceed 192 outputs because the signal can deteriorate if it crosses too many cards ...) 

The system consists of a card which is connected to the kl using the sockets, the cables are not supplied, there is also a + 12v coming from the toys supply, as well as a GND coming of toy feeding. The GND cable coming from the toys power supply must be of section adapted to collect 40 amps! This GND terminal block is tripled to accept 3 cables of less section receiving 20 amps. 

This card has 16 fuse holders in 5 * 20 format and output sockets that you will connect to the positive terminal of the toy to be controlled. 

No more limit to the sensations on your pincab! 

Delivered without fuses

Documentation available at the Laboratoire


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