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DTG Strob
  • DTG Strob
  • DTG Strob
  • DTG Strob
  • DTG Strob

DTG Strob


A blinding projector to plug into a strobe.

Soon in Stock

DTG is Dans Ta Gueule !!! (In Your Mouth !!!)

it's going to burn your eyes, that's the principle.

It is a small circuit of 4 cm by 2.5 cm (without the plug) which operates at 12 Volts and which aims to blind you.

It is 3 mm thick (without the plug).

Once plugged in, the DOF will flash it at the appropriate times.

It consumes 240 MilliAmps (0.24 Amps).

BEWARE ! it's for strobe purpose, not continuous light, it may be very hot !!!

If you want it with a plug, i have pack with it


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