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La Sangsue can connect extensions on a UPC V1.


"La Sangsue" is a card that can connect my extension on a Ultimate Pincab Controller V1 (UPC) at Art-Cab which originally does not allow to receive.

It is plugged between the KL25Z and the UPC.

You will then have access to the expansion slot and you will no longer be limited by the only 32 outputs of the UPC.

The extension (mosfet or BLMotDtK) connects with the 7-pin ribbon, and the return to La Sangsue is done with the cable you had with your extension.

You can of course connect several extension which breaks the limits of outputs.

Documentation soon

CAUTION: The architecture of the UPC is not exactly the same as the extensions, in my opinion the opto-electronic insulation is not efficient, I could not be held responsible for possible damage that could suffer your UPC.
La Sangsue just retrieves the PWM signal before sending it back to the UPC, it does not change the UPC.
After several tests, I realized that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that the Jumper "VCC_LTV" is positioned towards the connectors of exit under penalty of heating of the TLC5940 as in the following photo.


Data sheet




Config file for 1 Extension for KL25Z

Download (26.8KB)
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