La Nettoyeuse
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  • La Nettoyeuse

La Nettoyeuse

€5.00 HT


Board to filter the toys that cause parasites.


La Nettoyeuse (The Cleaner) is not there to do the dishes...

She's not kidding...

His job, reduces to dust the parasites which come to make everything flash.

If you have a Toy (like a Beacon or a Shaker) that causes interference in your installation, this little card is made for you...

A 35V 1000µF capacitor and a free-wheeling diode, two sockets, and presto, it's simple and effective.

You put it as close as possible to the toy, by connecting the toy to the side of the diode, and you're done.

WARNING ! If you reverse the polarity or you send more than 35V in, you will blow up the capacitor, and it will not smell very good!!!


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