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A double socket system with 15 connections.


Do you panic when you have to unplug your Backglass?
You are not the king of welding, and it is not your project to become it?
Every time you see your wiring, you think about those little hippies with their blond dreadlocks, and that annoys you?

This is all ancient history !!!

With your ConnecTouffe, your wiring is idiot-proof !!!

(Yes, I stole this publicity slogan from my grandfather ...)

A card with a 12-connector socket on one side which each pass 7 Amps, and a second socket 3 connectors which each pass 12 Amps.

And it's all connected to the same thing on the other side.

You may not realize it, but that makes a card that manages up to 120 Amps !!! the crazy thing !!! (Hey ! Do you realize that with just numbers we can make you swallow anything !!!)

Basically, it will allow you no longer hassle if for example you have to move your Backglass, or any other part of a pincab, or an arcade machine, or whatever you want, give free rein to your imagination. you fix the board, then you can plug and unplug from 2 sides simply !

The dimensions are 5 * 9 cm with the plugs 

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