Voltboard Documentation

Voltboard Documentation

The VoltBoard allows you to wire and distribute your 5 Volt power supplies cleanly and safely.

Developed to go hand in hand with PinMos .

An input terminal block supporting 40 Amps, a capacitor to filter the current, 4 5 * 20 fuse holders each with their 10 Amps fuse (supplied) to protect the installation, 4 sockets for 4 outputs that can withstand 10 amps each, and one small double socket to connect the masses to the PinMos or to other VoltBoards
No more excuses to have a clean and safe installation!

The Vin terminal block receives 5 volts from your power supply.
If you are running more than 20 amps through the Voltboard, please double the power wiring.
Use a cable with a section that can withstand the intensity!

The small GND socket is used to connect the GNDs to the Pinmos, or to a second Voltboard.

A 1000µF capacitor is on the board, and is used to filter the current to avoid disturbances which could harm the signal.

Fuse holders in 5 * 20 format will accommodate fast-blow fuses of 10 Amps MAXIMUM

Wire your LED strips to the 4 available outputs, respecting the polarity, and respecting the maximum intensity as in the diagram below.


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