PIN2DMD for Dummies Documentation for Dummies

PIN2DMD for Dummies Documentation for Dummies


This Shield allows you to connect an STM32F407G-DISC1 card to your panels in order to manufacture your PIN2DMD, it has 2 buttons to configure the type of panels (RGB, GRB, BRG…) as well as the brightness.
You have a 5V input socket to power the STM32 as well as an output socket to supply your tiles with 5V or 4.2V (for recent tiles that do not work at 5V, the charging voltage fluctuates between 4 and 4.2 V)
(ATTENTION, if the power supply is not done with only the MICRO USB, you will have to update your STM32
This Shield can only be used on a Pincab, this version does not work on a real pinball machine.


Please connect the 5V power supply to the Shield via the dedicated socket, then connect your first panel to the Shield via the HUB75 socket.
Once powered up, a gorgeous LED should light up your life.

You will have to cut with the help of a cutting pliers the 2 pins of JP3 (see photo) of your STM32 (for info, these are just 2 pins of GND which are used for measurements on certain uses, we do not care …)

Veuillez couper les 2 pins sur la photo

Then plug in your STM32 in the correct direction, then connect it to your PC via the Micro USB socket for the use of the PIN2DMD, or via the Mini USB socket for programming.


To activate the PIN2DMD configuration via the buttons on the card, all you have to do is hold down the OPTION button, then either power the card or press the RESET button on the STM32 (the black button), all by keeping OPTION pressed, then releasing OPTION.
Your PIN2DMD should display this:

Then you just have to navigate through the different sections of the menu using the MENU button on the Shield.
The menus are as follows:

  • DEVICE MODE: Allows to choose on what type of device we mount our PIN2DMD, in our case only VIRTUAL PINBALL interests us.
  • RGB SEQUENCE: Allows you to choose the type of panel (RGB, GRB, BRG…), choose the one that will display the color palette in the same order as the photo above.
  • COLOR PALETTE: Allows you to choose the color palette (in the case of a real pinball machine), for us, you have to activate the one that displays all the colors like the photo above.
  • BRIGHTNESS : Adjusts the brightness of the DMD (this setting is available with Pin2dmd software and more convenient).
  • ENHANCER : Not interesting for us, we don’t touch it.
  • WIFI : Not implemented for us, we don’t touch it.
  • TEST INPUT : Not implemented for us, we don’t touch it.
  • TEST RS232 : Not implemented for us, we don’t touch it.
  • RESET CONFIG : Used to reset the PIN2DMD configuration.
  • SAVE CONFIG : Allows to save the settings we have made, to be done before exiting.
  • EXIT : Exit the configuration menu.

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