KL SHIELD V5 Documentation

KL SHIELD V5 Documentation

So here are some explanations to wire your mess on the KL SHIELD.

First, the KL SHIELD only turns the dupont pines into a plug, apart from the small condo and the resistance on the PLUNGER part. Otherwise, it’s nothing more.

The pins on KL25Z are therefore marked on all the outputs.
I just haven’t rewritten PT on the PTA, PTB, PTC…. therefore E30 corresponds to PTE30, A1 corresponds to PTA1… ..
On the Button 1 & 2 sockets, there is a double marking which corresponds to the default configuration that I propose with my configuration files.
BT1 corresponds to Boutton 1, BT2 to button 2….

All GND terminals are interconnected, using one or the other is the same.

The B0-PLUNGER output of the PLUNGER connector goes through the condo and the resistor, if you need to use this pin for another use, use B0 (PTB0) of the OUT2 connector

Usually you won’t need to plug anything into OUT1, OUT2, and VOLTAGE.

You will find below a button type wiring + POTAR + CALIBER.
You will notice that the optional BUTTON of the POTAR and wired on the same input as a button, put either one, or the other, or both, it is according to your configuration of LAUNCH BALL.

You will find below an example of wiring of outputs, to a MOSBOARD, and to a MASTER OF MOSFETS (the wiring of a BUTTON LIGHT MASTER OF THE DEATH THAT KILLS is similar to that of the MASTER OF MOSFETS)

To understand what the inputs and outputs correspond to, use Pinscape Config Tool with the files that I made available to you, so you will be able to understand and manage for example which button corresponds to what.
I remind you that I offer basic configurations, which none of them can suit to 100% of people, and that you must adapt it to your system in any case.

And to finish, I remind you that we never wire LED or other directly on the KL25Z and therefore on the KL SHIELD!

Have a good DIY!


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