Standards Kits

Standards Kits

Here are some examples of « typical » Kits that will allow you to give you an idea of ​​the configuration that suits you and that will answer questions that I am often asked …


no toys

1 KL25Z

This simply allows you to connect the input buttons, properly, and possibly to connect a ball lance.
The movements carried at the cash register are transcribed into the game, like when stuffing a real pinball machine (Nudge).
This is THE basic configuration, but scalable without any worries

Game entry

8 contactors

1 KL25Z

This configuration allows the same things as the basic configuration, but it also allows to manage 8 Toys PWM using 8 PWM outputs of the KL25Z.
You can for example connect 8 contactors with this solution.

full toy

10 contactors, 1 knocker, 1 MEG, 1 Shaker, 1 fan, 1 strob, and 1 more thing!

1 KL25Z

2 MOS8

This configuration allows 16 toys to be connected, with wiring that is simpler than just 2 Mosboard.
You can therefore connect all of your toys.

FLASH light config

5 RGB flash and 1 strob

1 KL25Z


This configuration allows you to connect 5 RGB leds and 1 or 2 Strob (total consuming less than 1 amps!) Thanks to the Button Light Master which adds 16 PWM ports to your KL25Z. Enough to illuminate your parties

Config « Music & Light »

full toy + flash lights

1 KL25Z

2 MOS8


With that, you will have enough to plug in all your toys, 5 FLASH LEDs, 1 or 2 strob.

Possible additions

Illuminated buttons and more …

If you ever wish to have illuminated buttons, simply plug them into a suitable voltage source.
If you want to DOFFER these lights (make them turn on and off automatically according to your pinball software like the COINS or START buttons…), you will need to plug them into an outlet.
You can, depending on the power consumption of these button lights (but in general it’s really low) use a MOSBOARD FULL or a MOLLUSK + of the MINIMOS4.
Either you use unused outputs, or you use a MOSBOARD to use PWM outputs of the KL25Z (connect the lights to PWM it’s more beautiful), or you add outputs with a MOLLUSK + MINIMOS4.


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