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A card with 8 mosfets and 8 fuse holders 5 * 20

This card offers 8 Mosfet lines to connect your toys to the outputs available on your kl25z.

Each output can support 8 amperes.

The card supports a maximum simultaneous current of 20 amperes maximum. 

On the protection side, each line goes through a resistor to avoid excessive power consumption and thus protect the KL25z from overheating, then an optocoupler to separate the voltage from the kl25z and the toy, and is equipped with a 5 * fuse holder. 20 ( fuses not supplied ).

On one side, small terminal blocks to connect the card to your kl25z (plan a 2mm precision screwdriver), on the other more substantial terminal blocks to connect the card to your toys, and on the side a terminal block even bigger for connect the board to the 12v and GND of your toys supply.

Remember to connect the gnd of your power toys, and to properly size the power cable GND card (take the awg14 is 1.5mm2 section) 

You can order toys of different voltages (48v max) with the same card because the control is done by the GND.

Delivered with its 4 TPU PCB feet as a gift. 


Data sheet

0.15 kg


Mode d'emploi MosBoard

Mode d'emploi MosBoard

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