Button Light Master of the Death that kills


The BLMotD (La Maîtresse des Boutons Lumineux de la Mort qui tue) adds 16 0.8 amp PWM fuse outputs to a KL25

The Button Light Master of Death (That Kill !!!) is the little sister of the Extension 16 PWM Mosfet.

(You're english speaking, but imagine it like "La Maîtresse des Boutons Lumineux de la Mort qui tue", it kills dude !!!)

It allows to add 16 PWM outputs to a KL25Z, that accept 0.8 amps each.

Outputs from 1 to 15 have a common fuse holder with 3 outputs (1-2-3 / 4-5-6 / 7-8-9 / 10-11-12 / 13-14-15) with a fuse included 2.5 amps.

Output 16 to a dedicated fuse holder with a 1 amp fuse included.

The outputs are grouped by three, with a + 12V available each time.

This card is designed to run 5 RGB 12V FLASHs and a Strob 12V, but it can just as well take care of 12V LEDs of your buttons, or handle small vibrators type x-box, everything is imaginable as you go beyond not the eligible powers.

To operate, it uses 5 outputs of the KL25Z (including 1 PWM) and + 5V and GND of the latter.

It can of course connect to another BLMofT, a PWM extension, even on the cards of the competition as an extension.

The card comes with its fuses and dupont cable to connect to a KL25Z, a KL Shield, or another extension.

4 TPU PCB stands available as a gift

MANUAL HERE (in French)


Data sheet


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