Button Light Master of the Death that kills V2.1


The BLMotD (La Maîtresse des Boutons Lumineux de la Mort qui tue) adds 16 0.8 amp PWM fuse outputs to a KL25


The Button Light Master of Death (That Kill !!!) is the little sister of the Extension 16 PWM Mosfet.

That second Version have full plug, Sexy isn't it ?

(You're english speaking, but imagine it like "La Maîtresse des Boutons Lumineux de la Mort qui tue", it kills dude !!!)

It allows to add 16 PWM outputs to a KL25Z, that accept 0.8 amps each.

Outputs from 1 to 15 have a common fuse holder with 3 outputs (1-2-3 / 4-5-6 / 7-8-9 / 10-11-12 / 13-14-15) with a fuse included 2.5 amps.

Output 16 to a dedicated fuse holder with a 1 amp fuse included.

The outputs are grouped by three, with a + 12V available each time.

This card is designed to run 5 RGB 12V FLASHs and a Strob 12V, but it can just as well take care of 12V LEDs of your buttons, or handle small vibrators type x-box, everything is imaginable as you go beyond not the eligible powers.

To operate, it uses 5 outputs of the KL25Z (including 1 PWM) and + 5V and GND of the latter.

It can of course connect to another BLMofT, a PWM extension, even on the cards of the competition as an extension.

The card comes with its fuses .

MANUAL HERE (in French)


Data sheet


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