BackBoard Hard Panel

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Panel of 64 addressable LEDs

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Here is a panel of 64 addressable LEDs 56mm wide by 64mm high

8 * 8 WS2812B V5 black LEDs.

This will allow you to build your BackBoard without too many worries, the + 5Volt at the top, the GND at the bottom, and a signal input / output that is very easy to assemble.

Each LED is separated by 2 mm from its neighbor, approaching the 144 L / M LED strips, if we assemble 2 panels the chip between the 2 side LEDs remains 2mm.

4 small notches allow you to fix the panels on the BackBoard.

A panel consumes a maximum of 3.84 Amps.

Use with a WEMOS or a TEENSY

One little video in French to show it in action !


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