The Rig Master

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A board with all inputs and 16 outputs on Mosfets to start your Pincab well


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This board offers you a good basis to start your Pincab.

It fits into the Dupont pins of a kl25z. 

It offers you sockets to simplify and secure your wiring, 21 buton inputs, a socket for the Plunger, 16 outputs on Mosfets and Fuse holder, 5 Amps each and enough to connect Mollusks to add outputs.

A capacitor, a resistor, enough to filter the information from the potentiometer of your plunger that you will connect to its dedicated connector. You can also directly connect your BRAIN board if you have one.

You will have 8 Digital outputs, and 8 PWM outputs, 5 Amps each, protected by a fuse holder and opto-electronics.

And there is a dedicated connector to connect MOLLUSK. 

Everything is spotted, secure, simple and scalable!

The various configuration files and user manual are avaliable here :


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